Friday, June 22, 2012

Laughter with a hearty meal is good for you..perhaps not for the waist line, but good for your soul.

It is amazing to be young and hungry. Not for life. Not for knowledge. But for FOOD.

I think know I gained a significant amount of weight during my three week vacation. In fact, my days were filled with non-stop eating. I barely bought any new clothes or new things because most of my money went to food.

I managed to take some pictures of the food I ate. However, most of the time I decided to just eat and leave the camera in the pocket. I guess this is where the fat ass youth stereotype plays in.

Anyway, I just wanted to post some of the most delicious, heart clogging, diabetes ensuing, and high blood pressure trigger foods I consumed this past week. There is more to life than just eating...and that would be eating with great company. Any meal is great when you have friends to enjoy the moment with.

Laughter with a hearty meal is good for you, perhaps not for the waist line, but good for your soul.

So I wanted to post some pictures of the food my friends and I ate and why it tasted good to the bone.

After a night of vodka, dancing, and Xbox Dancing my friends and I went to brunch for some unlimited champagne. Yes, how do you capitalize on a great night? You drink some more! 
In our conversation we compared ourselves to the joy luck club and who amongst our friends would die first in the Hunger Games.

(Papa Johns,  Lower East Side)
After 3 hours of cheese commercials, I finally caved in and suggested we buy cheesy bread for dinner that night. Another 1 hour of cheese commercials, my friend Roland finally surrendered and second my decision. 
We rented out Paranormal 3 and discussed reasons why the characters in the movie were stupid and if placed in that situation each one of us would have booked it the first time we smelled something fishy going on. 

(Dalessandro's Steaks, 600 Wendover St, Philadelphia, PA.
 In this situation there was no talking and simply eating. Chili peppers in my cheesesteak, chili peppers on the side, and cheese whiz spread over every crevice of this dish. 
During the meal, we talked about a possible heart attack, onset of diabetes, clogged arteries, obesity, and why we are glorified fat asses...and yet we still kept on eating until there was nothing left but soggy oily bread and chili pepper cores.  

The Tombs (1226 36th Street, Washington, DC.) w/ Roland
 Back to the old Georgetown stomping grounds where my friend Roland and I drank 2 pitches of Blue Moon. 
We talked about what we would have done differently, the people in our lives, and where we hope to go in the future. 
That is what I call a best friend for life.  

(Thai Food Resto, A Thai Chef's house)
This amazing concoction of Thai dishes was heaven sent. $30 for 8 courses of food. 
There was no menu and you could not choose the dish you wanted. The moment you sat down the food came. Simplicity is an understatement when describing this restaurant because it was literally in the chef's living room. The decorations were old books, childhood drawings, and mismatched tables and couches.
Unlike most Thai restaurants in DC, this was not served with fancy garnishes. Instead, this was served on banana leaves and packed with spice. My friends categorized it as a "food boner".
No other place like it.
God Bless Thai People.

This had cheesy fries..need i say more?
Shake Shack with my fave Filipina, Kara. We talked about her bomb ass RN position in Brooklyn and her decision to go into Med School to be a surgeon. Inspiring. So proud of my friends and their successes.

Doughnut Plant (Chelsea) w/Kara
On our way to the High Line, we stopped by for some sugary desserts filled with custard and buttery diabetes goodness.

Jollibee (Queens)
Filipino Halo Halo. Reminiscing about our good old Philippines days.

Pakistani/Indian Food Joint somewhere along Lexington Ave. w/Asra :) 
Reminiscing about RHO Life and how we got paid to hang out with friends during Gtown Days.

Momofuku Noodle Bar (Lower East Side) w/ Lisa, Rols, Trinh
Last day in NYC and going all out Asian with a spoonful of sesame seeds.

Chick-fil-a (Christiana Mall, Delaware) w/Trinh and Rols
5 Chicken Burgers
3 Sides of Fries
Potential heart attack
Absolute deliciousness

A bunch of kids walked passed us and we thought we were setting a bad example with the food we were eating :D Then Roland stuffed his mouth with fries in front of them.

Hot and Spicy Crawfish (Adam's Morgan) - w/Thuy
Expensive shells
Tiny bodies
Finger Lickin' Good

2 lbs of crawfish were GONE.
The server thought we ate neatly. However, I beg to differ. I can't imagine how how messy it can get during dinner time.

$1 Oysters!!! :D w/Trinh
And literally having a high/lethargic feeling..

Honey Pig (Annandale, Virginia) w/Calvin, Thuy, Trinh
I walked out smelling like BBQ Pork Belly and Kim Chee
We stopped at Bon Chon but their kitchen closed early. Who does that?
We were disappointed to a point where we wanted to run over a guy, who walked out with the last take out, and steal his food..
The things we do for Korean food are unreal...

Korilla BBQ - Food Truck w/Kara
Korean food goodness in a nice Bento Box
I wanted to lick the sauce from the container...that's what did it for me.

Home Made Pork Roast w/Trinh
Brined and Marinated with Oranges (that were about to go bad), sugar, bay leaves, garlic, and onions
Plus Trinh's Secret "Trinh Sauce"
Bathed in Coconut Juice
Roasted for 8+ hours and eaten with tender loving care