Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wise Words When You Reach Your Quarter Life Century

Funny/Memorable quotes from my birthday:

1. "You're 25? is prime age to get drunk, get laid, and get out." - Tisha, Office Front Desk.
2. "When I was 25 I was in Spain and I was in love...with many men." -Maribel
3. "When I turned 25 I had a quarter century crises and I cried to the cab driver." - Abra
4. "You got flowers and edible arrangements? That's like my graduation and all b
irthdays combined." - David
5. "Happy Wednesday" - Roland
6. It's okay to have fun and go crazy at your age. When you reach age 28 and onwards and you drink and go crazy-people will judge you." - Boss
7. "How old are you? 25? God, you're still a baby." - Boss
8. "At your age, I was high everyday...those were the good days. Then I got a job at the State department and those good days ended" - Lee
9. "25 is a milestone! 26 is nothing because it's all downhill from there..take me for example..I'm almost half way to a 100." -My bro