Monday, April 1, 2013

Define - Fervor: Intense and passionate feeling

A natural high of happiness...

This past weekend was an amazing amount of good weather, kites, color, and good friends.

After an insane bi-polar D.C. winter characterized by a pathetic "snowquestration", this past weekend had amazingly bright skies. The sun was out, my shades were on, and I was able to walk around in flippy-floppies. Hello Spring! Good by nasty winter.

I experienced my first Holi Festival. A celebration of color and dancing. It didn't matter who you were...people embraced you, people threw color at you, and people danced alongside you. The festival was symbolic of new harvest, a triumph of good over evil, and a general celebration of happiness as we emerge into a new season. If there was such a thing as walking through a rainbow and coming out as the colors, it would be the Holi festival. I have never felt such concentrated amounts of happiness in one area in my whole life. People were on a natural high and the vibe was so addicting that I couldn't help but sing and dance with the crowd.

This past weekend was also the Japanese Kite Festival on the National Mall. The bright skies were littered with butterflies, airplanes, fish, cars, and every childhood object imaginable. Nothing says childhood dreams and flying objects like a kite festival. The children were out, the tourists were a nuisance, the families were sun bathing on the National Mall. It was a sight to behold and D.C. is magical in the spring when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and people emerge from a dismal winter.

I was reunited with an old high school friend who was in town. I hadn't seen her in six years! We reminisced,  hugged, laughed, and reveled at how time passed us by and yet we could still pick up where we left off. The memories of old friendships and the upcoming possibilities of rekindling them in the near future made me realize how life is just too short to not keep in touch with those you may have left behind but who still played an integral part in shaping who you are today.

I was able to celebrate a birthday! A friend turned 25 and the usual Saturday night was full of music, dancing, and good drinks. A celebration of another year lived and many more years to come.

Easter Sunday came with an Easter Brunch Buffet. A gluttony of decent food and amazing company. A reminder that a hearty meal only tastes good when you have good friends to enjoy it with.

One weekend and one simple reminder why we should live with voracious spirit, laugh constantly, love each day,  and revel in simple moments that bring color to our lives.

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