Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Memories..listless and nostalgic

I should be finishing this paper but I am not feeling the inspiration at the moment. Maybe writing random shit will help me get through my writing funk. It is now May! We are now almost halfway through 2012! How freaky is that?! May is also Graduation season. My Facebook feed is full of undergrad friends talking about their last class, their last paper, senior parties, and graduation day.

Is it weird that I will be 3 years out of school as of June and yet I am still very cognizant of what it felt when I got out of my last class and finished my last final? A "bitter sweet moment" is an understatement. It was an unyielding and overwhelming sadness! I could not wrap my head around the fact that I will soon close a part of my life that was so integral to my personal and professional growth. I still have all the thank you notes from my Club Flipino family tucked away in a box so they won't fade. I still have all my Georgetown t-shirts (accumulated over 4 years) of different colors and from different clubs and events I was involved in. I still plan to make it into a quilt..eventually. However, I have yet to find time to learn about basic sewing to make happen. :(

3 years have passed by and yet I find myself reliving memories at random. Most of my facebook albums from 4 years of undergrad life is set to private and only I can see them. I felt it was inappropriate to leave them up since the people who friend me nowadays are co-workers. It wouldn't be very professional if there was a picture of me hanging over a toilet being seen around work. :) So most of the albums are closed and there are some moments when I flip through them and I still laugh at the distant memory of what was. It is a nice pick me up moment that gives me a bit of happiness during the most dullest or frustrating moments of my life.

I guess I shouldn't really be blogging about this since I'm still in single digit years after graduating. However, nostalgia hits me hard sometimes and I felt I could put those feelings on paper just for fun. It's always nice to reminisce...but it gives us encouragement to continue living and make new memories, new pictures, and new albums. Eventually those albums will close and we'll look at the memory in fondness and appreciate our life even more.

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