Thursday, April 26, 2012

HBO Girls - Does it apply to me?

There has been so much debate regarding the the HBO show "Girls" that I thought I could put in my two cents as well.

Race debate aside, I thought the basic premise of the show is interesting and fresh. Young people in their mid 20s are plagued by student loans, living off of parent support, and trying to make ends meet by working in a job that that will hopefully lead to the perfect career. Don't get me wrong, one size does not fit all and the show may not be applicable to all. In fact many young people I know have the good life  have become successful and happy in their careers.

The show gives off a vulnerability that most people my age try to hide. The first time I watched it I identified with the character because it is such a pain to find a job that fits personal expectations. I have gone through it and I am still going through it. It sucks. However, unlike the main character, I would not stick around for a year in an unpaid internship and allow myself to be used and abused. I have a bit more dignity than that. Moreover, I wouldn't give up on myself and I would continuously work hard to find a career that mattered to me. Sometimes we have to put a significant amount of hard work, determination, and ambition to get what we want.

I guess that is where my parent's mentality comes into play. Through their experience, I realized you cannot wait for opportunities to come your way, you cannot wait for that elusive position to be available for you, you cannot wait for your boss to promote you. If you personally believe you are worth it you need to cease opportunities for yourself. Life is too short to be waiting.

So in the end, yes "Girls" is a perfect depiction of mid-20s struggle but I have to argue against the portrayed weakness of my generation. We aren't focused just on sex, boys, and complaining of what challenges may come our way. I like to think we are fighters. We are more motivated to prove ourselves. We are more ambitious to start new ventures. We are unwilling to sit idly by while the world passes us over. I think we need to give our generation more credit for facing a recession, social discontent, and adapting to a fast paced world.

We'll see how the show goes. One thing is for sure, I hope the characters evolve beyond their misery and constant complaining.

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