Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How I Conquered My Bad Dream

I had a very interesting dream last that was borderline amusing and frightening. In my dream, I was looking up at the night sky. The clouds were swirling in blue, grey, and glittering colors similar to a froyo. I loved it at that moment because the swirling froyo sky would shape into any face I wanted to see. Then all of a sudden the sky took on a menacing view and out of no where a frightening lady pops up. I have no way of describing her but she looked like the girl from the movie "The Ring" all zombie personality, evil, and angry. This "form" was inching closer and closer towards me with the intent of killing me. In my moment of fear I realized I was dreaming and I took control. Her hand came close to my face and I did some Yaw-Yan move that allowed me to grab her hands and knee her face. I was so angry that she scared me that I woke up feeling angry rather than afraid. Although, when the adrenaline rush subsided the fear came back. However, I value my sleep more than my sanity and I hated feeling helpless. So I resolved to go back to sleep and told myself if she ever comes back I'll pull her hair from her face and finish the job the second time around.

AND THAT! my friends is how you handle a bad dream.

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